Yu Yao

Yu Yao (Partner, Chairman of the Board) has over 15 years of private equity fund investment management experience in China. Acquainted with the operation of the domestic and international capital market, he has deep understanding and hands-on experience in the investment management of large-scale projects in development stage, as well as merge and acquisition. He acted as the Managing Director for Sequoia Capital China since 2009 with the focus on medicine and medical service industry. He is now the chairman of Trust Capital, Shenzhen, he has handled several successful M&A projects in medicine and health field and involves deeply in the post investment management.

For many years, Yu has followed closely the study and training of self-improvement of body and mind. He reads extensively in the related fields of both eastern and western studies and practice, paying specific attention to the actual application of the integral development of body and mind in the leadership training for entrepreneurs and business professionals. He owns an Executive Coaching License from Mindspan.